.Bea's Haven.
venture into the snow...

On a clean, windy winter day near the peak of Terror Mountain, you stand in a deserted tundra, wondering where you are. You zip up your coat to your neck, as the bite of the cold hits your skin. Unfortunately, your warm, furry friends aren't accompanying you today. Your teeth begin to chatter. If you do not find warmth soon, you'll surely die of hypothermia. The cold sun blares on you, not giving you warmth, but the feeling your being watched.

You hear a voice. The voice has a icicle-like tinkle to it. The singsong voice is saying something you can't quiet make out. You freeze. Not in cold... but in fear. Your eyes squint in the bright blue light. A large shady figure is approaching. The singsong voice gets louder...

*Fear not. I am here to take you somewhere warmer... You don't want to freeze out here, do you?*

You squeeze your eyes shut. You feel the warmth of body heat as the creature comes closer. You feel a nudge. The large animal wants you to get on its back. You assume it's a female due to her voice. You clutch onto large clumps of fur. The rush of adrenaline hits you as the creature takes off into the air. The cold wind rushing at you makes you keep your eyes closed.

You feel a hard bump as you landed. Hm. the flight was over as soon as it took off, it seemed... You open your eyes. The large animal is a Shoyru But what is a Shoyru doing near the peak of Terror Mountain, when you usually see them out by Tyrannia?

The Shoyru leads you into a huge cave lit by several fires. There is nothing in there except a few boxes, a stereo, and a human-sized bed. The stereo is playing a song quietly.

*My name is Bea, and welcome to my humble home, human.


Name: greenbean05
Alias: Bea
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen in human ages.
Colour: Yellow
Caretaker: Aangie
Love: I haven't found the one for me.
Special: Spring Guardian Shoyru



Pelt colour: Pale Yellow
Eyes: blue/green
Wings: Yellow with green interiors
Markings: Pale Blue tear streak marking down both eyes, indigo/dark purple flame legs, and a gold Moon on right flank. Ears are also tipped with purple/indigo flames.
Accessories: two black earrings pierced to horn, leaf necklace
Other: Leaf on head and end of tail.

Family Album...

Bea pulls a heavy book out a box. It contains several images with descriptions underneath.
-These are the creatures I make my home with. Please feel free to read about them.-

Aangie has been my friend for a long time. She is young, but pretty smart. Although I don't stay with her a lot, I bond with her on special days. =) I'm glad to have her taking care of me when I need it.

Dante is my Lupe brother. He is not to be trusted, but he is loyal to me. If I ever need any bullies beat up for me, he's there with his incredible fire breath!! ^_^ You can visit his awesome page HERE!!!!

Amp is my adopted brother. He is a young, proud buck with an odd power called PSI. He can teleport, and use elements using his mind-powers, which I guess is his PSI. I rarely see him, because he is usually traveling or too sad to talk... We both love Simple Plan!

Rose is my Aisha sister who controls plants. We work together to make sure Spring comes every year. She's so smart and pretty!


This is Tart, my Lemon Slorg! We've been together as long as I remember. Her name is one of my favorite names ever. She accompanies me almost everywhere, however, she's probably out collecting berries for us right now. She's a real help on missions, too! A lot of people sadly see Slorgs as gross little slimebags, but people forget how cute and helpful they are!


Bea sighs deeply. "So, do you want to know more about me while we wait out this snowstorm?"

Chapter One

On a sunny day, on a tall tall mountain, there sat an egg. The egg was bright yellow hue in color, with streaks of green. No one knew where the egg had come from, or why it was there. The other Neopets living in the mountains stared at the egg curiously. Days, weeks, months. Until Winter came. The mother Neopets were worried for the egg, wondering if the baby inside was even alive at all.
It was a harsh winter, as harsh could be. Starvation and scarcity swept the mountains, and desperation sunk in. A starving Drake conspired to eat the egg to survive. When it went in for the killing bite, the egg shone, blinding the Drake and scaring it off. The egg shone and shone, causing the snow to melt around it. Nearby Neopets watched in wonder. Flowers began to bloom and spring from the ground, almost as if magic. What emerged from the egg, surprised everyone.
It was a baby Shoyru!

What am I?...

Good thing you asked! I am the Guardian Shoyru of Spring. I make sure Spring overcomes every harsh winter. Every year, I fly over the world to make sure Spring comes. If I don't see flowers or blooming trees, I get so worried. I use my growing forest powers to help forests anf gardens grow everywhere. It's a very important job. I'm studying the winters on Terror Mountain.


Bea gets really excited and pulls out a binder. It is stuffed full of artwork of her.
"Look what my friends drew! It's it all so delightful? I look at this binder every single day."


Time to Go...

You've been enjoying your visit with Bea so much you haven't realized how much time has gone by! Bea laughs, and takes away your coffee mug for you.
"I can give you a ride on my back, if you'd like!" She says cheerily. "Thank you so much for visiting and hearing all about me!"
You accept the ride, and you are back in the village at Terror Mountain's base. You turn around to bid goodbye to Bea, but she's already gone. She left you a picture of herself! You'll never forget this visit. :) Other cool sites! ^_^

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